Duh Howwuh!
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I admit it: I’m as whitebread as they come, born of Scot-Irish stock, blue-eyed and pale as the day is long, born and raised in South Dakota—that far away, sparsely populated, mostly flat land in flyover country—and lived my early adulthood in Wyoming, home of cattle, cowpokes, and…cattle and cowpokes and coal and oil.  As a teenager I spent a summer working at a rich kid’s camp on Cape Cod.  When the natives learned I was from South Dakota, I was peppered with questions, questions that revealed the ultra-sophisticated denizens of the right coast actually thought South Dakotans all still rode horses everywhere and actually had to fight off Indians on a daily basis.

The only Indian fighting South Dakotans of that era did was in the occasional basketball game against reservation schools, where the local natives were still quite fierce.  And while some South Dakotans still lived on and worked farms—and in the western part of the state, ranches–most came no closer to horses than the nearest television set.  We even had such advancements as electricity, running water and indoor plumbing.

It is, therefore, with some trepidation and amusement that I watch the contemporary playing of the race card.  If one buys the assertions of various Congressional democrats, it seems that the Obama Administration and its various functionaries, particularly those “of color” must be beyond reproach, for any criticism of them is, virtually by definition, racist.  If they happen to be female—or not exactly female or male—any opposition is also sexist.

I speak, of course, of the criticism of UN Ambassador Susan Rice who so gladly lied to the public—many times in quick succession–about the murder of Americans in Libya on 9-11-12.  How do we know she lied?  Even the President—can’t criticize him either—has changed the Administration narrative, revealing that everything she said was a lie.  In fact, he lied about when he said it was a lie—it’s getting hard to keep all the lies about the lies straight in this one—in order to be reelected, and got an able assist from CNN’s Candy Crowley, who arguably lies for a living.  But of course, it wasn’t really a lie because the Intelligence Community told her lies that weren’t lies because they told her, and no one knows who changed the truth into lies, certainly not Director of National Intelligence Clapper, who told various Congress critters that he had no idea who changed truth into lies until he admitted—while simultaneously falling on his sword–that he did change truth into lies.  And then the FBI told the Congress they changed the truth into lies, and then the CIA said the FBI “misspoke” and it was actually the CIA that changed lies into the truth which lie/truth will stand until the newest Administration narrative about truth and lies becomes convenient.  Isn’t this fun?

The biggest recent hoo-hah seems to stem from the letter some 100 Congress critters wrote to the President suggesting that any nomination of Ms. Rice would be a non-starter because, well, because she lied to the entire nation about the murder of our Ambassador to Libya and the murders of three other Americans.  I suspect there was probably the odd concern about her actual—what’s that called?—oh yes, job performance, too.

And as of 11-27-12, Ms. Rice not only announced that her Sunday morning talk show statements which even primates knew were lies, were, in fact lies, but she didn’t mean it.  This means that Mr. Obama’s subsequent statements at the UN and in other venues—and those of every Obama Administration official—were also lies, but Ms. Rice helpfully explained they didn’t mean it either.  Shortly thereafter she met—at her request—with Republican Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Kelly Ayott and apparently lied so badly about the lies and the lies about the lies about the lies that the senators pronounced themselves “more concerned” about things than before the meeting started.  She tried again the next day and things on the lie front did not improve.

In response, various Democrat Congress critters have asserted that such niggling concerns are obviously sexist and racist too, the evidence for that being that Ms. Rice is black and female and most of the folks who signed the letter are male and white and about half of them represent states that were once a part of the Confederacy!  There were slaves then, you know, more than a century ago.  Well.  That pretty much settles it, doesn’t it?

Such a sweeping viewpoint would seem to ignore certain salient facts, among them: (1) The Republican party is the party of Abraham Lincoln, a man to whom Mr. Obama—oddly—compares himself; (2) It was, in fact, Southern Democrats who opposed integration and the civil rights movement tooth and nail; (3) until recently—in the 200+ year history of the nation—those former Confederate states were overwhelmingly Democrat controlled; (4) many, if not most, of the states that are not economic basket cases heading at warp speed toward their own fiscal cliffs are currently former confederate states, or at the very least, not part of the left or right coasts; (5) even people of color in those states seem to be prosperous, particularly compared to Democrat people’s republics like California, Illinois, etc.; (6) Under Democrat leadership and patronage, people of color, particularly the black color, have done very, very badly, socially and financially.

Considering these matters, I, the white bread poster boy, realized I was uniquely qualified to offer a bit of perspective.  After all, I was raised and lived in the Midwest where people of color were—at least blackly-speaking—relatively rare, therefore I am experimentally unsullied by latent prejudices.  Some might argue that my very whit bread status makes me inherently prejudiced, but I prefer to think it has rendered me free of the taint of racial peer pressure.

Also, for the last 11 years, I’ve lived in—shudder—Texas.  Yes, I live in the veritable heart of former Confederate darkness.  The horror.  I must have been witness to figurative cross burnings, rampant discrimination, raping, sacking, politically incorrect commentary, you name the racist/sexist thought crime, living in Texas, I surely must have witnessed it, and being a white bread kind of character, I surely must be guilty of perpetrating it.

Here in Texas, even under the horrors of a Republican state government, persons of color seem to do quite well.  They are everywhere and occupy every level of society, every occupation and every station of life.  Amazingly, they seem to be—people.  Equally amazingly, they seem to get along with other—people—people of all colors, even people of pallor like me.  Nobody seems to spend any time dropping race cards or playing racial politics.  They’re too busy going to work, raising kids, being friends, and in general, living life.

I suspect it has much to do with the fact that in Texas, people actually work for a living, and they tend to work hard.  They can do this because there are actually jobs in Texas and people are willing to work at them.  Those jobs also pay pretty well and the cost of living is comparatively low, so hard working people can live reasonably well.

I can safely report that Texans are, with few exceptions, polite, helpful, industrious, generous, and sorry Congressional and MSM race baiters, not in the least racist.  To the great chagrin of AG Holder who considers Americans cowards because they aren’t interested in agreeing with him about their supposed racial cowardice, Texans aren’t the slightest bit cowardly, nor are they interested in playing into racialist agitprop.  They’re actual adults, you see.

My high school students work and play, day in and day out, with kids of all backgrounds and races.  I’ve seen not the slightest racial tension or resentment, and the same is true of adults, all of whom are far too busy doing the things responsible adults do to play those kinds of rhetorical, political games.

Where does this leave us?  Dealing with a women who is a self-confessed liar—whether she meant it or not—who also happens to be black, who may yet be nominated to be the Secretary of State.  The race baiters may yet discover, as I have, that in the modern south, race cards aren’t accepted, and people are judged just as Martin Luther King hoped: not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character—or the lack thereof.  When left or right coast denizens and Beltway hacks try to play the race card, most Texans—and I suspect most southerners of all races—simply think “idiot,” and go about the business of living.

So. UN Ambassador Rice has already admitted she’s a liar, a liar who lied to some 300 million Americans about the murder of four Americans, most likely to help to ensure that the most racially divisive president in American history would be re-elected.  One need not be a racist—or a southerner–to have a problem with that, and with her.  The horror.