Now we know that the brave men trying to rescue Americans in Benghazi on 09-11 were left to die by politicians—more specifically President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  There were military assets that could have been in the skies overhead within an hour of launch, and troops within two hours, yet our brave political leadership, the man who made the “gutsy call” to send far better men after Osama Bin Laden, condemned them to death to maintain his electoral narrative of stunning success against terrorists, the same terrorists he could never admit were attacking and killing Americans on, of all days, 9-11.  And the torrent of lies thereafter…

If you’re not familiar with Mark Steyn, let this article be your introduction. My contempt for the aforementioned parasites on the body politic prevents my continued writing at the moment.  Steyn will carry on admirably for me.  By all means, read the whole article.

READER WARNING:  If you thought Vice President Biden was merely an overly folksy dimwit, after reading this article, it will be hard to hear his name without intense, perhaps sickening loathing.