A civil suit was filed today against Costco in the Erik Scott case.  Scott was killed by three metro officers at the Summerlin Costco on July 10, 2010. The Goodman law firm originally filed cases in federal and state court against Metro and Costco, but dropped the Costco suit early as a matter of trial tactics.

The Nevada statute of limitations regarding civil suits is two years.  By filing now, the Scott family beats the deadline.  Attorney Matthew Calister is representing the Scott family in the new suit.

I have it on good authority that Metro and particularly the Police union are in a state of panic.  They thought this case had gone away for good.  In addition, Metro officers are already trying to minimize the damage with comments in response to news stories.  An investigation by the Federal Department of Justice is also ongoing and a matter of great concern for Metro.  They have much to be concerned about.

I’ll be covering the case and expanding on what we know in the near future.  As I noted in Update 17, I will continue to cover the Scott case because I have only scratched the surface of all of the evidence indicating corruption and cover-up in Metro.

Stay tuned.