Due to the immense interest in this case, I have rescheduled my usual Monday (reasons why we must defeat Mr. Obama) and Tuesday (education) posts and will instead run two new updates to the Martin Case.  Update 3 which will run Monday, 04-23-12 will cover the recent bond hearing and other issues and Update 4 which will run on Thursday, 04-26-12 will cover issues revolving around self-defense and will also provide a map and analysis of the crime scene with what we now know to have occurred.

I hope to see you there!

PS:  I’ll be back on my normal schedule on 04-30-12.  I hope to see you there too, and thanks to everyone for taking the time to read and comment about this scruffy little blog.

UPDATE: 04-22-12, 0150 CST:  Hoo Boy.  And now we have the case of Alton L. Hayes III of Illinois, who, with a 15 year old Chicago youngster beat and robbed a 19 year old white man.  Mr. Hayes II helpfully explained: “After being arrested, Hayes told police he was upset by the Trayvon Martin case and beat the man up because he was white.”  Do I really need to tell you that Mr. Hayes III is black?  Well, he was charged with a hate crime, so what’s fair for white folk is fair for…oh you get the idea.

Unlike many progressives, I recognize that it’s irrational to blame Mr. Obama and other for this crime.  Mr. Hayes III is solely responsible for his actions.  However, I doubt that Mr. Obama, the race hustlers (like AG Holder) and the media are, how should I put it…helping?  Yes, helping the situation.  I wonder if Mr, Hayes would look like Mr. Obama’s son?