POINT:  The Mainstream Media Gets One Right:  One of the things I’ve found amazing since getting into the blogging biz is how slow the mainstream media—or at least the media more mainstream than scruffy little bloggers like myself—is in covering significant stories like the Erik Scott and Jose Guerena cases.  I’ve been on the Guerena case since it happened on May 5, 2011.  My first post was on May 28.

Another issue that I find annoying is how poorly such things are often covered when mainstream folks get around to it.  A pleasant exception is an article published Nov. 23 at Tucson Weekly by Tim Vanderpool.  It is, without exception, the best and most complete general overview piece I’ve seen outside the blogosphere.  Vanderpool, who interviewed me extensively for the piece, really asked pertinent questions and went where the evidence and facts led.  It is, by the way, rare for mainstream people to actually speak with bloggers.  They generally pretend they don’t exist.  If you’ve been following my work on the case, you’ll find little surprising, but it’s a good piece—worth your time—and I was glad to contribute.

POINT:  Classics of TV Department:  I generally consider television to be a vast cultural wasteland and spend little time gazing at the flat screen (I was tempted to say “tube;” boy, that dates me), but every now and again, TV produces moments of greatness.  Such was the Thanksgiving edition of the classic sit-com WKRPIt’s a true classic of television, right up there with Ed Ames’ tomahawk toss on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Do yourself a real favor and watch the clip, thanks to the good folks at Hot Air.

Note:  Also give the Ames clip a try.  There are apparently copyright issues being bandied about, but the link I’m using does have it, at least as this is being posted.

POINT:  Louis Renault Awards, Marxism In Medicine Department:  Remember Dr. Donald Berwick?  He’s currently Mr. Obama’s main man in implementing ObamaCare.  Dr. Berwick, formerly of Harvard, did not endear himself to Congressional Republicans, many Democrats—or anyone who values their health or life—by praising Britain’s National Health System.  For those not quite up to speed on medical reality across the pond, the system, operating under the bizarrely misbegotten acronym “NICE,” routinely amputates the wrong limbs and kills patients through neglect, general incompetence, and bureaucratic arrogance and stupidity.  Berwick is also a dedicated adherent of wealth redistribution; in other words, a Marxist.

Unable to secure confirmation, he was given a recess appointment as head The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in July of 2010.  That appointment runs out soon and thankfully, there is no way Congress will confirm him.

I don’t know about you, but the idea that Barack Obama would appoint a Marxist to run America’s health care leaves me shocked, shocked!  OK, OK, even I can’t maintain the fake outrage over that one.  Check out the Fox News article to see what Mr. Obama has in store for us all if ObamaCare prevails.  It really is shocking.

POINT:  You’re The Governor Of Minnesota: What Is Your Most Pressing Priority For Your State?  What’s that?  To force unionization on every child care provider in the state—even Aunt Mary down the block–allowing unions to forcibly pick their pockets?  Why, you’re absolutely right!  Oh, did I mention that you also have a history of mental illness?

Gov. Mark Dayton is doing just that.  It seems all the lunacy is not confined to the DC Beltway.  Seems reasonable doesn’t it?  I mean, isn’t every parent in Minnesota and elsewhere crying out in anguish because the corner babysitter isn’t a union member?  Be sure you take your blood pressure meds before reading this one by Tina Korbe at Hot Air.

POINT:  You’re The Obama Administration: What Is Your Most Pressing Priority For the Nation?  What’s that?  To ban target shooting and hunting on Federal lands across America?  Why, you’re absolutely right!

Last summer, the Obamites proposed just this sort of new regulation that would have closed millions of acres of federal land to any kind of sport shooting.  The proposed regulation produced such a backlash that the Loathsome Cowboy, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has issued a directive forcing the Bureau of Land Management to abandon the regulations—at least for now.  Of course, for Progressives, gun control is the issue that never dies.

I somehow suspect that if Mr. Obama is reelected, this—as well as many other—anti-gun regulations might somehow reappear and be implemented.  In fact, the nice folks over At Gun Values Board are kind enough to host me, and I recently posted an article on just that issue.  Call me cynical, I know.  Discuss.

POINT:  Imagine ObamaCare is the law of the land and is fully implemented.  You take whatever medical care the government sees fit to provide and like it. The alternative is—well, there is no alternative.  Canadians, Britons and others from around the globe have, for decades, fled to America to obtain the professional, life-saving treatment denied them in their socialistic health “care” systems where not only wealth, but actual medical treatment is redistributed to the point that everyone is treated alike: terribly.  Now that America has gone full-Marxist, there is no place for anyone to run.

Untwisted Ethos provides a stark reminder of the realities of medicine when patients are no longer customers in control of their treatment, but mere annoyances to the functionaries of a system that knows what they need far better than they.  I was tempted to suggest you take your blood pressure meds before reading this one, but under this kind of system, you likely wouldn’t get any.  Discuss.

POINT: The Border Is Safer Than Ever!  So says Homeland Insecurity Chief Janet Napolitano and a variety of other Beltway lizards.  The ranchers living along our southern border have something of a different viewpoint.

This particular article is all the more remarkable in that it is from MSNBC, which is not particularly a bastion of conservative—indeed, of rational—news reporting.

Let’s consider this: who to believe?  Southern ranchers whose lives are lived on the basis of personal honor–men and women who seal deals with a handshake–or Progressive politicians and bureaucratic weasels in DC?  Hmm.  Tough one.  Discuss.

POINT:  Louis Renault Awards, Climate Science Division:  Well, this time I’m really shocked, shocked!  A new release of the e-mails of the leading climate “scientists” indicates with no room for doubt that they not only routinely lied about their data and conclusions, but colluded with governmental officials and agencies, such as the US Department of Energy, to build a false case for spending trillions of dollars to address a Global Warming crisis that has never existed. 

Here’s a representative example:

Professor Phil Jones, director of the Climatic Research Unit at the centre of the affair, said the group findings did stand up to scrutiny.

Yet one of the newly released emails, written by Prof. Jones  – who is working with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – said: ‘Any work we have done in the past is done on the back of the research grants we get – and has to be well hidden.

‘I’ve discussed this with the main funder (U.S. Dept of Energy) in the past and they are happy about not releasing the original station data.’

In another of his emails, he wrote: ‘I’ve been told that Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is above national Freedom of Information Acts.

‘One way to cover yourself and all those working in AR5 would be to delete all emails at the end of the process.’

I’m sure all this talk about covering oneself has to do with bedding choices, and the talk about being sure things were “well hidden” refers to instructions for recreational games of hide ‘n seek to deal with the stresses of doing science in the big leagues.  Of course, I also think the Obama Administration has my best interests at heart and really, really cares about me.

This one might require an industrial strength airsickness bag.

POINT:  Sometimes a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words:  By all means, Visit Navy One at The Mellow Jihadi for a definitive comment on the wastes of flesh and resources that are the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  One look pretty much says it all.

POINT:  Say Mr. Manor, Would You Happen To Know Where I Can Find Video Of A Kitten Riding A Turtle?  Now that you mention it…

And with that delightful visit to The Frisky, where we are reminded that even kittens and turtles can live together in peace, I bid you a fond farewell until next time!  Thanks for stopping by!