POINT:  Great, Blindingly Obvious Moments in Science Department:  Here’s the banner headline:

Research suggests that when men see a woman wearing very little they focus on her body and less on her mind.

And here’s the sub-headline, though of no less importance:

In six studies we show that taking off a sweater, or otherwise revealing flesh, can significantly change the way someone’s intelligence is perceived.

So let’s see if I have this straight:  Scantily clad women tend to make men focus on said scantily clad women and the sight of flesh makes us stupid?  I guess Steve Martin was more right than he knew when he famously observed that breasts make men stupid, and now we have the science to prove it!

POINT:  Thirty Pieces of Silver Department (Or: The White House Actually Listens to These Guys?!):  Paul V. Kane, who, according to the New York Times is a former Marine and also a former “international security fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School,” writes:

WITH a single bold act, President Obama could correct the country’s course, help assure his re-election, and preserve our children’s future.

Wow!  A single bold act?  What might—pray tell—that be?  You can get it!  C’mon, think “smart diplomacy…  That’s right!  Mr. Kane wants America to sell out Taiwan to China for $1.14 trillion dollars, which by coincidence happens to be our current debt to China.

Mr. Kane suggests that Mr. Obama engage in “behind closed door” negotiations whereby China forgives our debt and we essentially tell them “OK boys, attack and conquer Taiwan whenever you like.  We won’t lift a finger. Try not to make it too bloody—bad optics, you know.”  Fortunately for America and Taiwan, Mr. Obama and his supporters and advisors would never stand for such a thing.  In fact, as soon as Kane’s article was published, the Obama Administration issued a stinging rebuke to the NYT and assured Taiwan and all of our allies that he would never betray them, particularly not for less money than he has added to our nearly $15 trillion dollar debt each of his three years in office.  The bribe would have to be much larger than that!

What’s that?  They haven’t reassured our allies?  They haven’t said a word about Kane’s suggestion?  Surely you jest!  You don’t, and stop calling you Shirley?

Oh well.  What can one say about a former international security fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School?  You remember Teddy Kennedy?  The US senator who tried to betray America for political advantage?

Seriously, gentle readers, can you recall a more cowardly, craven, deranged suggestion?  And can you recall less response to such a cowardly, craven, deranged suggestion at any time in American history?  Then again, that’s what smart diplomacy is all about.  I bet the Chinese would really like us if we gave them Taiwan on a silver platter.  Discuss.

POINT:  If You Look In The Dictionary Under “Hopelessly Deluded,” You’ll Find His Picture.  In a late September interview with a Florida TV station, Mr. Obama said:

The way I think about it is this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft, and we didn’t have that same competitive edge we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track. But I still wouldn’t trade our position with any country’s on Earth. We still have the best universities and scientists and best workers in the world. We still have the most dynamic economic system in the world. We need to bring all those things together.

Speaking at a San Francisco fundraiser in October, Mr. Obama said:

Anybody been to Beijing Airport lately? Or driven on high-speed rail in Asia or Europe? What’s changed? Well, we’ve lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam and unleashed all the potential in this country.

And speaking in Honolulu at the APEC conference on November 12, he said:

But we’ve been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — well, people will want to come here and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new business into America.

But of course!  That’s why the Obama Administration is busily destroying American’s dams (note the cheery, green energy will save us, tone of this article), and shutting down much of America’s power generation capacity, and trying to shut down the most technologically advanced plant of our largest commercial aircraft manufacturer (I know: using Nancy Pelosi as an example is almost cheating), and is systematically suppressing business growth and the private sector while simultaneously increasing the Federal workforce and the number of business and industry killing regulations!  That’s just the sort of thing that will attract foreign companies to America’s booming business economy—except that it’s not booming, and he’s killing it while—as usual—blaming somebody else for his incompetence.

But hey, if we only emulate the Chinese and build high speed rail…what’s that you say?  The Chinese high speed rail system is a grossly overpriced mess that is too expensive, no one can afford to ride, and just might kill you if you’re dumb enough to book passage? But that would mean that Mr. Obama is either completely uninformed or lying…oh.

Wouldn’t it be nice, gentle readers, if—say about November, 2012—Americans got really tired of being blamed for Mr. Obama’s arrogance, incompetence, Marxism and hatred of Americans and America and blamed him for America’s problems?  I believe that would be called “poetic justice.”  Discuss.

POINT:  Louis Renault Awards: Sleazy, Arrogant, Lying Politician Department.  The parents of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry broke their long silence last week and did not have kind and gentle words for the Obama Administration, and particularly not for Attorney General Eric Holder.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator John Cornyn (R, TX) gave Holder the opportunity to apologize to the Terrys.  He refused, prompting Kent Terry to say:

That shows what kind of a person he is.  To me, he is not much of a person. I don’t know if he has a son. But if he lost his, he would think different.

Josephine Terry said:

I sat in a chair and cried.  It was so inhumane. An apology to anybody means at least they are trying to fix it. He didn’t.

Holder claimed to have sent an apology letter to the Terrys, but it quickly became obvious that he released the letter to the press before the Terrys received it.  There is apparently an e-mail—possibly from Holder—that was received by some member of the Terry extended family, but nothing more is known about it as this is written.

I don’t know about you, gentle readers, but the idea that any member of the Obama Administration, particularly a man with a reputation for truth-telling and integrity as legendary as Mr. Holder might lie or refuse to do what any decent person would do leave me shocked, shocked!

Michelle Malkin is equally shocked.  You might want to read about how shocked she is.  I’m shocked.  Just shocked.

The Terrys seem like normal, decent Americans.  Mr. Holder…

POINT:  So The Supercommittee Is Deadlocked?  What Could Go Wrong?  You remember the Supercommittee don’t you?  You know, the six Democrats and six Republicans that are going to put together a huge debt reduction deal or our military will—among other things—be massively defunded?

Hey, don’t sweat it.  It’s not like the Iranians are about to have nuclear weapons or the Chinese are engaging in an unprecedented military buildup, or the Middle East is about to explode or anything.

What’s that?  All of that is happening?  Oh.  Does Mr. Obama know about that?  What’s that?  How could we tell?  Good point.

Well, things are not roses and apple pie with the SC these days, and Mr. Obama is threatening them, and the Secretary of Defense is predicting catastrophe, and…oh, just read Allahpundit’s little article on it at Hot Air.

We’re in the very best of hands.  Everything is positively Panglossian.

POINT:  No Matter How Bad His Numbers Are, It’s All Good; It’s All Good.  CBS News has released a poll with results that would spell certain doom for any politician not Barack Obama.  Some highlights:

Americans disapprove of his handling of the economy 60% to 34%.

Americans believe the economy is in bad shape by 86% to 13%.

Eighteen percent believe the economy is getting better.

Eighty three percent believe Congress is doing a bad job while 9% think they’re just swell.

Of course, the media will abandon even its remaining ephemeral pretense of objectivity to ensure Mr. Obama’s reelection.  But I do have one question?

Just who are those 34%, 13% and 9% and why have they been allowed out of the institution unsupervised?  Discuss.

POINT:  OK, So The World Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket.  At Least The Congress Is Dealing With Really Serious Issues, Like—Sports!

Peter Sullivan at the Hill gives us reason to see the dark cloud inside the silver lining.  An example is provided by Senator John McCain (R, AZ), who is apparently irony-challenged to a heretofore unimaginable level:

I fully appreciate the concerns some may raise concerning our [Judiciary] Committee devoting a portion of its time to these issues,” he wrote in the hearing request.
I would note, however, that modern-day college athletics is a massive business, with widespread economic impact on athletes, their families, broadcasters, and fans as well as universities and colleges all over the country.   I always worry about Congress being involved in things, because I’m a conservative.

After which, Senator McCain called for hearings on NFL testing for human growth hormone.

I hate to do this to you, but yes, read the whole thing.  You might want to take your blood pressure meds and secure breakable objects first.  Oh yes: put the dog out too.

POINT:  Ain’t Science Grand?

According to psychiatrist Dr. Naomi Greenblatt with the HealthyWomen organization, ‘hitting the skins’ [Helpful Hint: she means having sex, not tanning leather] may be as important as hitting the gym when it comes to preserving one’s youthful looks—and women aren’t doing enough of it. 

According to a recent survey, ‘women who had sex at least four times a week were scored as looking up to ten years younger than their actual age,’ said Greenblatt. ‘While pleasure and intimacy with your partner should be a primary motivation to have sex, the health and wellness benefits are a big bonus.’

Let it never be said, gentle readers—and I’m sure you feel the same way—that I am anti-science.  I am more than willing to do my part to further vital research.  Why, I might even sign up to be part of an experimental group, but I can’t seem to find the address…

Unfortunately, the author of this little piece seems to have Luddite tendencies:

Now, I want to believe that frequent sex is some kind of fountain of youth as much as the next sex and dating blogger, so I hesitate to point the flaw in Dr. Greenblatt’s logic: couldn’t it be that younger-looking women are having more sex because they’re younger looking?

You ought to read the article and immediately report the author to the Obama Administration.  She’s obviously anti-science.  I wonder if the looking younger thing applies to male experimental subjects as well, because if it doesn’t, isn’t that discrimination or something, and shouldn’t the government compensate me for my suffering and feelings of inadequacy?  This could be the single, major issue that finally unites the OWS Movement!