Dear Ladies, Sisters, Female Bodied Folk, Sideways Twinkles (or whichever title is current) of the OWS Movement:

I read with concern reports from the Occupy Wall Street and similar encampments  that speak of the establishment of special female-only tents in the hope of reducing the prevalence of rape among the revolutionary brothers and sisters.  That I am, in many ways, rather old fashioned, is no doubt the source of my concern.

I treat women with kindness and courtesy, and because I am strong and skilled in the martial disciplines, I take upon myself the duty to protect and care for those who are not.  I have no doubt that evil exists in many guises and I am sworn to fight it, always and everywhere.  It’s what I’ve done much of my life.

By now you’re probably stereotyping me as a relic of an earlier age.  Not so.  I merely recognize the laws of nature that are apparently unknown to—or ignored by—you and those that surround you.

I expect women to be strong and independent—my wife certainly is.  To survive in the world requires competence and confidence from us all.  Above all, the ability to be clear-eyed, to see the world as it is, not as we might want it to be, is essential.  That’s why I worry about you.

I like women because they’re women, because they’re very different than men.  While I appreciate beauty in all its forms, far more important to me is intelligence, wit, a keen sense of humor, optimism, perseverance, responsibility, altruism, a keen understanding of human nature, and above all, kindness.  Can people bereft of those qualities be trusted?  Certainly not, yet you are placing your trust—knowingly or naively—in just those kinds of people.  The consequences are predictable.

In many ways, you’re sheep among wolves: communists, anarchists, nihilists, petty criminals, rapists, sex criminals, the insane, community organizers (but I repeat myself), people with every imaginable disease and scourges (Only today I read about infestations of lice among your fellow protestors).  Every pathology and character defect you can imagine surrounds you and infests similar protests around the nation.  They see an opportunity to enrich themselves, to get away with all manner of stupid, ugly behavior, to commit crimes without consequences, and work their deranged will in ways hard for rational, decent people to imagine.

Consider the “foundations” of your movement: envy and hatred of others, scorn for the hard-working and productive, demands that others support you, demands for the goods and property of others and the freedom to commit any crime they please, without consequences—in the name of “revolution.”  You trespass on private property, destroy property, commit arson, assault, rape, provoke the police into doing their duty and then attack and excoriate them for doing it.

Remember the old aphorism: be careful what you ask for; you might get it?  If you are successful, if you are able to obliterate capitalism, democracy and civil order, do you think a rape tent guarded by a few unarmed women would protect you?  Look at the people around you.  Would they survive long in a state of nature where up or down twinkles would earn an immediate assault by the strong and evil?  You and most of your fellow occupiers wouldn’t last long, for life in a state of nature—or anarchy—is truly nasty, brutish and short.

Consider carefully those around you—I mean those apart from the professional agitators, criminals, community organizers, parasites and insane?  Who are they?  What are their prospects in life?  How is it that they—and for that matter you—can spend weeks or longer hanging out in a park?  I know women well enough to know that virtually all of them want a stable relationship with someone reliable, someone who will care for them, love them, admire them, who can support them and who will be good with children.  As a matter of fact, most people want that sort of thing.  Do those surrounding you fill that bill?  Are they people who not only possess the qualities I’ve outlined, but would seek and appreciate them in you?

Who has the time—really—to camp out in the middle of a city?  Some of your fellow campers are surely students, but by being there—if their parents aren’t independently wealthy and very indulgent—they’re adding at least another semester to their six to seven year undergraduate education due to all the classes they’re cutting.  They are also likely adding more thousands to their college loans, loans we’ll all be financing if they default, and from what I can tell, the message of your movement has nothing to do with responsibly paying ones debts.  Some are the idle rich, having a bit of fun playing revolutionary.  They’re not going to give up their wealth to you or anyone else.  Income redistribution?  Riiiiiiight.  When they become bored—such people tend to bore easily—they’ll return to the world you seek to destroy.  I’ve seen others—I’m sure you can point out several right now—who are long-term unemployed (you’re reading this on your iPhone or laptop, aren’t you?), and unemployed because they expect employers to adapt to their unconventional piercings, tattoos, unconventional fashion statements and utter lack of responsibility and caring for the feelings and needs of others.  Please, tell me I’m wrong—but be prepared to prove it.

You really aren’t surprised that such people would rape women, are you?  Surely you don’t think your good intentions and revolutionary politics make you immune?  If you do, I’m even more concerned about your prospects for survival.  Your mother was right: we are known by the company we keep.

What’s that you say?  I’m a misogynist?  I’m blaming the victim?  If we fancy ourselves moral actors, we bear responsibility for our moral choices.  You have chosen to place yourself among people who are more than willing to exploit and harm you, people who are professional users.   People who are utterly selfish and who—if not clinical sociopaths—care so little for others there is little difference between them and the kinds of sub-human demons written up in deviant psychology textbooks and diagnostic manuals.  And you choose to remain among people who are restrained only by the very society you reject and claim to want to destroy while wearing, carrying, viewing, typing on, traveling in and in every way surrounding yourself with its material, technological fruits.  The synthetic materials in your tent didn’t grow on trees.  There is no excuse for rape, but who voluntarily puts them self in surroundings where rape is not only likely, but a virtual certainty?  Who willingly remains there?  Don’t they bear any responsibility for their choices?

You have chosen to reject the deterrence, the protection and help of the police.  You have chosen not to cooperate with them, and in so doing have given the worst among you free reign.  You are actually protecting and helping “people” who would be delighted to beat, rape, torture, even murder you.  How does that feel, exactly?  I know who those people are; I caught and put them away for nearly two decades.  I know how they feel about it: they don’t do it because their mother dressed them funny, because they were breast fed on falsies, or because society was mean to them.  They do it because they like it.  They really, really like hurting and killing people just like you—if you get my drift.  They’d be delighted to make your acquaintance.

What’s that?  These people don’t represent your movement?  Of course they do.  In the social conditions you claim to want to create, the strong, violent and evil always take over and people like you always play into their hands—always.  That’s human nature, and making colorful signs and spitting in the eye of people that work for a living and who build and create rather than consume and destroy, is precisely what they want you to do.  Oh, they may talk about “the people,” and about “social justice,” and “economic justice,” but history teaches us, unmistakably—the results of such revolutions.  It’s not pretty—it’s never pretty—and it’s anything but just, and it’s certainly not what they promise—except the part about them being on top and doing unto others without anyone doing unto them.  What’s that?  They didn’t tell you about that part?  Imagine that.

Please. For your safety, for your sake, go home and build a life for yourself.  Find people who will truly love and respect and care for you.  One way to identify such people is they actually understand and regularly practice personal hygiene and don’t relieve themselves in public.  Build society from within and contribute to the lives of others in real, meaningful, daily ways.  Democracy looks like the Tea Party, people who want nothing more than our government to live up to its constitutional promise.  They are people who want government to leave them alone so they can succeed or fail on their own efforts.  They are people who leave the sites of their entirely peaceful protests cleaner than when they arrived.  Compare the drug, garbage, rat and offal infested swamps surrounding you, swamps created by your revolutionary brothers and sisters.  Is this really your brave new world?  Will these revolutionaries succeed where all before them have failed?  Have they somehow evolved into better, more moral beings than the rest of humanity?  Wouldn’t superior beings have figured out how to pick up trash and refrain from raping women? Perhaps we just have different definitions of “superior.”

I sincerely hope that there are, in your future, men who will consider it their sacred duty to reduce anyone that would harm you to a bloody pile of rags on the street.  I hope you find men who will appreciate you not only for your physical attributes, not even foremost for your physical attributes, but for your character.  Such men might even open doors for you.  They won’t engage in romantic revolutionary behaviors like banging drums all day and night and urinating on other people’s property, but they will know what romance really means.

I’d like that; wouldn’t you?  But take your time, and I wish you good luck.  If you survive, a society populated by people who are willing to actually care about and protect you will be waiting when you’re done changing the world.  We’ll leave the light on for you.

Oh, and have I mentioned that winter is just around the corner?  Better unlimber the plastic and drop in to Macy’s for some new winter fashions.  I wonder what they have in the fall revolutionary collection?