September 17, 2010:  Bob Owens published his initial article on the Erik Scott Case at PJ Media.  I had been a reader of Confederate Yankee for some time and a frequent commenter as well.  As Bob embarked on his first AR-15 project, I helped to provide advice and a friendship began which led to an invitation to guest blog.  My first foray into the Blogosphere was inspired by Bob and by this first article.

I’ll be posting the Erik Scott series every Saturday and Sunday until they are caught up and my SMM Erik Scott archive is up to date.  The Scott case is far from over.  I’m doing this not only to transfer the contents of the CY archive—which will remain available at CY—but to hopefully introduce many new readers—people unaware of what happened in Las Vegas and of the continuing state of fear in which Las Vegas residents live at the hands of their police force.

Those wishing to read the comments accompanying the original articles should take the link to the CY archive.  They contain a great many thoughtful and interesting ideas and a few obviously carrying water for the Las Vegas Metro Police.

That said, please take the link to PJM and read the account in large part responsible—along with its author—for my involvement in this case, and in blogging (whether that is a good thing, gentle readers, I leave to your tender mercies):

Gunned Down in Vegas: What Really Happened to Erik Scott? By Bob Owens:

I’ve written about war, rape, massacres, mass murders and terrorism, so I don’t easily get disturbed by the content of the stories I cover.

Erik Scott’s senseless death is different.