POINT:  Oh Man: Military Adventures In Africa Never End Well.  And we’re getting into one.  With Iran’s attempt to murder a foreign diplomat and hundreds of Americans in NYC still hot on the burner, Mr. Obama is taking bold, manly and forthright military action.  That’s right: he’s sending our troops to Uganda on a vague, ill-considered, sure-to-result-in-tragedy-pseudo-mission.  But hey, it’s Barack Obama; what could go wrong?

POINT:  It’s Unexpected, Completely Unexpected!  So let’s see if I have this straight:  You’re a formerly wealthy, beautiful, and resource rich state.  You enact idiotic, ruinous taxes, regulations and rules that chase businesses, jobs and citizens to other states as fast as they can rent the transportation, while simultaneously attracting millions of parasite class immigrants.  You enact still more idiotic, ruinous taxes, regulations and rules, and when your tax revenues come up $705 million short for the first three months of the fiscal year, it’s unexpected?  Wasn’t, at one time in the distant past, $705 million a lot of money?  And what the hell is wrong with those pinheads in California anyway?  Discuss.

POINT:  Meow!  How would your house cat do in a confrontation with a mountain lion?  Zeus, the Maine Coon was one cool kitty.  Go here to Fox News for a brief video.

POINT:  The Ideal Breast Shape: This is something Man, or more appropriately, untold numbers of individual men, have been diligently searching out for millennia. It has been a long and arduous task, dark, sweaty, squalid rooms, high humidity, frantic struggles, screams and moans of anguish, and what has been accomplished?  Squat.  At least until now, for now a British Plastic surgeon has applied not only his educated hands but science to the task and has actually discovered the perfect breast shape!  Well—darn!  That kind of limits the old “we have to do it for science—no really—it’s an experiment!” excuse, doesn’t it?  Oh well.  Go here for the interesting story, but sorry, no graphic photos.