Welcome to my new blog!  My prior blogging home has, for more than the last year, been Confederate Yankee where I was fortunate and pleased to work with Bob Owens and the mysterious and wonderful Brigid.  I’ll be making the final transition to this, my new home, in the very near future.  We’ll keep CY open for the archives, and I’m excited about the opportunity to try new things.

Among those new things is altering the Thursday “Quick Takes” feature of CY–I’ll be calling them “Quick Points” here–wherein I did a sort of expanded version of Instapundit, but with greatly expanded commentary. I’ll be spreading that feature out on a more or less daily basis, beginning here, with my first real post.  Here we go!

POINT: Technology Waits For No Man:  The rotary (Wankel) engine always held great promise.  Small and lightweight for its power output, for a time, it seemed a viable alternative to its more conventional brethren.  Mazda, alone among the automakers, exploited the engine, most famously in its sports cars, most recently the RX-8.  That’s now coming to an end.  Fox News has the story.

POINT:  Ah!  So That’s What A Real Supreme Court Justice Is Like!  Leftists, of course, excoriate Antonin Scalia for the crime of interpreting the Constitution rather than imposing the “progressive” policy preferences of the moment.  In this fascinating story via Hot Air, we have the pleasure of his own words and his opinion that legislative gridlock inside the Beltway isn’t such a bad thing after all.  When hearing of the horror of gridlock from a Beltway denizen, I’ve often found myself thinking:  “And Congress not being able to enact new laws is a bad thing because…?”  See what you think.

POINT:  And In The “Oh Goody” Department:  we learn that the EPA, those never-resting saviors of bait fish and obscure flora and fauna are going to implement new regulations in January 2012 that could almost immediately shut down from 8.9% to 25% of American electrical generating capacity.  Uh, don’t they know that people are going to die?  Of course they do, but Barack Obama’s pre-election promise to destroy the American coal industry is far more important than the deaths of people who use coal!  Take your blood pressure medication before reading this one.